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Peach-Plum Ginger Jam

Peach-Plum Ginger Jam


  • 5 cups peaches, peeled and mashed
  • 2 cups plums, mashed
  • 3 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup ginger juice


To make ginger juice: Chop approximately 4 ounces of ginger. Combine with 1/4 water in a small food processor blender. Pulse until broken down. Strain through a piece of cheesecloth and squeeze to remove as much liquid as possible.

In a large, non-reactive pot, combine all ingredients. Bring to a simmer and allow to cook for approximately 20 minutes (please remember that jam cooking times vary widely depending on width of your pot, kitchen humidity and sugar levels in the fruit) until the jam is thick. Using a thermometer and taking the cooking jam to as close to 220 degrees is also another good technique.

When jam is sufficiently cooked, fill prepared jars. Wipe rims, apply lids and screw on rings. Process in a boiling water canner for 10 minutes.

When processing time is up, remove jars from canner and let them cool on a towel-lined countertop. When jars are cool enough to handle, remove rings and test seals by grasping the outside edge of lid and lifting the jar carefully off the countertop. The lid should stay firmly in place on the jar.

Store jars in a cool, dark place for up to one year.

Adapted from Food in Jars

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