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Dates are a sweet fruit that grow on the date palm.  Mostly likely originating near the Persian Gulf, date palms have been a staple food source in the Middle East and northern Africa for thousands of years.   They were introduced to Mexico and California by Spaniards in the mid-18th century.  The name 'date' derives from the Greek word daktulous because of the fruit's elongated shape. Dates are popular either fresh or dried. 

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A naturally low in mositure fruit, dates are dense in valuable nutrients.  Dates are a good source of Vitamin A amd potassium.  They are also high in folate and dietary fiber. 

Dates are best stored in a cool, dark pantry or refrigerated.        

Kumquats are particularly cold hardy citrus. American kumquats are grown almost exclusively in California and Florida and can be harvested between December and May.