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5 Easy Ways to Use Lettuce


  • Lettuce


Most of us think of lettuce as just a salad ingredient, but lettuce is actually quite a versatile green. If you're tired of salads, or if you're just looking to try something different, here are 5 easy tips for making the most of your lettuce in a creative way!

1. Grill it! Grilled lettuce has a nice smoky flavor and a fabulous texture! For best results, split the heads of Romaine and marinate in dressing of your choice. It only takes about 2 minutes of grilling on each side! Check out this recipe

2. Make lettuce soup! Lettuce works very well in the place of other leafy greens in soups. Check out this easy Lettuce Soup recipe with potatoes.

3. Add to your stir fry! Lettuce is an excellent addition to your typical stir fry! Chop up the leaves and throw them in towards the end for a few minutes until the lettuce becomes slightly limp.

4. Make lettuce wraps! Use large leaves of lettuce instead of a tortilla, and fill with your favorite ingredients! The lettuce provides a crisp, refreshing texture and works well with a variety of fillings. This is also a great sandwich alternative for anyone who is gluten intolerant!

5. Braise lettuce! Braised lettuce is a French classic, and it very easy to make!