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Organic Half Dozen Eggs

Organic Half Dozen Eggs


(6 eggs)

Organic Half Dozen Eggs
Organic Half Dozen Eggs

  • Cooler Recommended

A half dozen organic eggs, typically large and brown, but the size and color may vary from week to week. Due to the ongoing supply issues, we are no longer selling a specific brand of eggs. We will purchase what we can so we can fulfill your orders.

We only source certified organic eggs and prioritize brands that rank at a minimum of "Very Good" or "Excellent" from the Cornucopia Institute. The Cornucopia Institute considers several criteria including: commitment to organics, other certifications such as certified humane, indoor space per bird, and natural light. Learn more on their website.

Currently offering:

  • 1 Nature's Yoke Organic Half Dozen Free Range Eggs

Source Varies
Product will stop being available for delivery on: 02/09/2024.