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Organic Dozen Eggs

Organic Dozen Eggs


(12 eggs)

Organic Dozen Eggs
Organic Dozen Eggs

  • Cooler Recommended

One dozen organic eggs, typically large and brown, but the size and color may vary from week to week. Due to the ongoing supply issues, we are no longer selling a specific brand of eggs. We will purchase what we can so we can fulfill your orders.

We only source certified organic eggs and prioritize brands that rank at a minimum of "Very Good" or "Excellent" from the Cornucopia Institute. The Cornucopia Institute considers several criteria including: commitment to organics, other certifications such as certified humane, indoor space per bird, and natural light. Learn more on their website.

Currently offering:

  • 1 Utopihen Farms Organic Pasture Raised Dozen Eggs

Source Varies
Product will stop being available for delivery on: 02/09/2024.