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Seven Hills Pasta Co

Seven Hills Pasta Co

Italian Tradition. American Heritage.

Giulio and Carol created Seven Hills Pasta Co. to help folks share great, local food with friends and family.

Giulio began making pasta as a young child with his grandmother, “Nonna Lina”, in a small village outside of Rome. He later studied at “A Tavola Con Lo Chef”, a culinary institute in Rome.

Carol knew that she wanted to leverage her Master’s Degree in Marketing to become more involved in the local food movement. Their shared passion for simple, local food is what shaped Seven Hills Pasta Co.

Their dried pasta is made from scratch in Melrose, MA, where they also host pasta making classes. The dough is made from just two simple ingredients, flour and water, and kneaded with imported Italian pasta machines. It is extruded through custom bronze dies, which give it a rough texture that helps it hold onto sauce, and finally dried for 24 hours.